Q: Will my stock-replacement upper control arm work with the Camburg long-travel system?
A: NO, the arms are different in few ways, mainly they are not long enough to compensate for the longer lower arm.

Q: How much psi are may shocks suppose to have?
A: Between 150-200 PSI of nitrogen.

Q: I have a 4wd ranger, but i want to remove the 4WD, which of your suspension systems will work?
A: 1998 and newer 4WD rangers all share the same chassis as the ford ranger edge or sport.

Q: I have a Ford Ranger Sport; I only see parts for an XLT and an Edge.
A: The ford ranger sport is simply the new name for the ford ranger edge.

Q: How much lift does your uniball performance arms give my truck?
A: None, upper arms correct suspension geometry for better alignment and handling, allow for more wheel travel and are built much stronger compared to the OEM parts. Lift is determined by springs, coilovers, etc.

Q: Why are you guys using  1.25? uniballs when other companies are using a 1? ?
A: There are a couple reasons why we started using a larger 1.25? uniball a few years ago when no one else was. The 1.25? is stronger for one, but the main reason is it allows for more mis-alignment which translates into wheel travel. We are able to get all the wheel travel the suspension allows for without compromising strength. If you were to use a 1? version to get the same amount of travel, you would have to reduce the bolt size to the point of being un-safe. Another added benefit is we’re able to recess the hardware down into the uniball for a much cleaner look, but it also gives added clearance on compression with the inner fender liner or axle shafts. We looked outside the box, looking for something better and since we CNC machine uniball cups and mis-alignment spacers in-house we were able to develop the 1.25? uniball into our product line when others just couldn’t.