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We rounded up the crew and headed south for a Camburg x MagnaFlow off-road adventure through Baja California and Baja Sur. We racked up hundreds of dirt miles testing some of our new suspension products on our long-travel Ford Bronco while making sure to stop at local taco shops and some unreal beaches.

Check out our video recap below


We rounded up the troops and traveled north up the 395 in California headed towards Lake Tahoe for 4 days of camping, overlanding and off-road fun; there and back. We also spent this time testing some of our new Camburg suspension products on our Ford Raptor R and Toyota Tundra. Check out our video recap and photo gallery below.

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We headed out to Borrego Springs California for some needed off-roading and desert time with Magnaflow and friends. We tested some new and exciting suspension products along with some time behind a few SIG optics. Check out our video recap and photo gallery below.

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We just got back from the King of the Hammers event in Johnson Valley, CA where we played in the dirt with our Ford Bronco and Raptor, watched some awesome racing and hung out with the Camburg crew and friends. Check out our latest video where we test some new products and roost some dirt !


Check out episode 2 of our Southwest Overland Adventure where we venture from Utah to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We test out the Baja Designs lights on our Ford Bronco along with Scosche’s new M8RIX power management system.


With the year coming to an end, it made perfect sense to do one last Camburg Off-road Overland Adventure trip. We headed North up to Southwest Utah, then migrated Southeast to the North rim of the Grand Canyon and circled West to the Mojave desert.

Check out episode 1 in our 3 part series from this awesome trip. Also make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and Camburg mailing list so you don’t miss anything.


As chaotic as 2020 has been for most, this time of year means one thing and brings back a sense of normalcy …. BAJA! The Camburg crew headed down to Baja California Mexico for 3 days of off-roading fun and adventure with a little racing mixed in.

Leaving from Huntington Beach, the fleet drove 135 miles to their first stop, the Tecate Port of Entry. Camburg brought down their Sig Sauer Jeeps Only Gladiator and their FOX equipped Overland Ford Raptor. Once across the border, something changes, and that excitement of being down in Baja never gets old. They regrouped in town, aired down their General Tires knowing Method’s Bead Grip technology had them covered and then made the 75-mile drive south east to Laguna Hanson in the Sierra de Juarez National Park. Traveling through the back country and dirt roads of Baja is a perfect example of why communication & navigation is essential. Rugged Radios and OnX Offroad GPS come in clutch for these adventures and integrate easily with Scosche’s mounts and accessories.

Needing to get to their final stop to setup camp for the night, they headed toward Ojos Negros which was only 35 miles to the west. Their plan was to catch the start of the Baja race the next morning. Once in camp they fired up the grill, cranked up some tunes on the Scosche Boom Bottle and enjoyed some ice cold Camburg Four Sons Mexican Lager from their Igloo coolers around the camp fire. It was a good night down in Baja!

Waking up to dirt bikes and trophy trucks never gets old. They hung out for a bit to watch some of the racing, cooked breakfast and then packed up camp and headed east for a day of off-roading. They migrated just north of San Felipe to play on the beach. Magnaflow’s exhaust and K&N filters really help out performance when you’re in a caravan of vehicles in the dirt for hours on end. The crew then headed out to setup camp near race mile 485 to catch some of the racing at night as the racers looped back into Ensenada. The Baja Designs work lights made sure dinner and Monster drinks were on point. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of nowhere with poor lighting except for a dead battery, and Full Throttle made sure that wasn’t going to be an issue.

With all adventures, they eventually come to an end. The Camburg crew packed up and made the 330+ mile voyage back home. Another Baja trip in the record books.

“I love coming down to Baja. Where else can you off-road all day, eat some of the best street tacos in a small town and watch trophy trucks blasting the whoops? … It doesn’t get much better than that.” – Jerry Zaiden

With 2020 coming to an end soon, Camburg already has some awesome adventures and races planned for 2021.



Next stop … Northern California! It was time for another Camburg Overland trip and with the summer heat subsiding, it was even more reason to hit the trails and sleep under the stars.

Thursday: The first leg of this trip took the group 610+ miles north of Huntington Beach, CA following the coastline. They setup camp for the night right on the beach in the southernmost area of Sinkyone Wilderness State Park along the Mendocino North Coast. They had the place to themselves and it was time to fire up the camp stove and relax with some beers after a long day. 

Friday: With the OnX Offroad GPS app loaded up with all the local roads and trails, they headed east 280+ miles to Deer Lake in the Tahoe National Forest. This area is towards the eastern border of California, west of Reno, Nevada. With the amount of driving they were doing on forest service roads and trails, the Baja Designs lights and Full Throttle batteries were put to the test on the trails and in camp and made for some awesome night time pics & video. Jerry was really impressed with the performance of LP6 and S1 lights on the Camburg Sig Sauer Jeeps Only Gladiator. The LP6 driving combo beam pattern really helped around off camber corners while throwing a ton of light down trail to see what was up next.

Saturday: The next morning, it was time to start heading back south down the 395. The Method Race Wheels and General Tire X3’s tires make a great combo for these types of trips as they were seeing all different types of terrain. Beach sand, forest loam and desert gravel were just some of terrain they were exploring and Method’s bead grip technology made sure they were getting traction when aired down. The Camburg crew pulled off the 395, headed into the rocky hills and setup camp for the last night. Some of the best memories you have are at the campfire chatting it up and listening to your favorite jams on Scosche’s Boom Bottle.

Sunday: All great things come to an end and the guys woke up, cooked breakfast and headed home. All in all, they covered over 1,500 miles both on and off-road all while having a blast with friends and having a bit of an escape from the day to day reality.

“We’re thankful for all our sponsors and partners. It gives us the ability to put on these types of trips and really puts our products and theirs to the test. With all the photos and video, we get to bring you along for the ride as well.” – Jerry Zaiden

Camburg’s next adventure is heading down to Baja, Mexico for a few days off off-roading, taco’s, camping and to watch the SCORE Baja 1000 race.


With so many events & trips being cancelled this year, the Camburg crew decided it was time to head north to escape the summer heat, but more importantly to go on an off-road adventure with friends. Their 4-day trip with 13 trucks, would embark up US Highway 395 to as far north as Mt. Patterson to some very remote camping locations and even higher elevations in Central California. 

First thing Thursday morning with your typical Huntington Beach parking lot meet & greet with some tire kicking, they hit the road and headed north in a caravan of Ford Raptors, the Camburg Sig Sauer Jeeps Only Jeep Gladiator and a couple overland Toyota 4-Runners. They would be meeting up with the rest of the group in Olancha off the 395. With everyone topped off with fuel and ready to go, they all continued north for another 200+ mile journey. While having Camburg suspension with FOX shocks wasn’t a prerequisite to go on this adventure, coincidently 85% of the trucks did.

Traveling up the 395, it’s tradition to make a pit stop in Bishop at Mahogany Smoked Meats for some fresh jerky & snacks, so of course that was their next stop. The drive from Bishop up to Mono Lake does make for some awesome scenery. With a mix of asphalt, gravel roads and dirt trails, they headed into the historic town of Bodie, California. Bodie is a full-fledged gold mining ghost town that dates back to the 1850’s. To this day, it’s awesome to see these structures still standing giving us a snapshot back in time. From Bodie they continued north and setup camp outside of Bridgeport. Nothing better at camp than good tunes playing on Scosche’s Boom Bottle, ice cold beers & Monster Mango Loco’s in the Igloo cooler and grilling some beef on the BBQ to bring everyone together after a long day of driving and exploration.

Friday after a late breakfast and with camp broke down, they fired up the OnX Offroad GPS app and headed towards Mt Patterson. The roads and trails would traverse them up to 11,654 feet above sea level. The views up there are endless and crystal clear with the American flag at its peak. At this elevation & incline the added torque the Magnaflow exhaust systems add was a needed benefit. There was even quite a bit of snow still on the ground to play in, not that we’re gonna mention who got stuck in it and had to be towed out …. Tucker (cough cough) not on General Tires. They then headed back down the mountain and headed south for their next campsite for the night just northwest of Mono Lake. In a group this size, having communication with everyone out on the trail where cell phones are useless is key. Rugged Radios and Full Throttle batteries make that seamless and super reliable.

Now half way through the trip, Saturday morning they continued south towards Kennedy Meadows and ventured into the Sequoia National Forest. With all the elevation changes, you go from desert gravel to forest loam with everything in between. The General Tire Grabber X3 and ATX tires mounted on Method Race Wheels don’t discriminate and work well in all conditions. Setting up camp for the last night is always bitter sweet. It’s your last primitive meal for a while and you sit around camp talking about what you just experienced while starting to plan the next adventure. Some of the best conversations and friendships are made on these types of trips.

Sunday morning everyone packed up, made sure camp was cleaner than when they got there and hit the road home. With as busy as everyone is with their jobs and responsibilities, these trips bring everyone together and help you re-appreciate what’s truly important in the world during these tough times. Camburg is very thankful of their families, friends and sponsors that help put all this together.

Now onto the next adventure!