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Camburg Engineering and Baja Designs are two leading companies in their respective markets, so it only made sense to team up for 2020 and beyond. Camburg will be using Baja Designs exclusively for all their lighting needs as well as distributing their full product line. Camburg is constantly searching for the highest quality parts out there.

With Camburg’s diverse motorsports program, their lighting demands span the gamut and Baja Designs has a wide range of LED products that fill those requirements. Camburg’s fleet of off-road trucks, diesel chase/tow rigs, KINETIK race trucks, Overland vehicles and UTV’s, are the perfect platforms to showcase Baja Designs technology and variety. Lighting is just as important traversing a rocky trail to get to a remote campsite in a Ford Raptor as it is going 100+ mph in the desert in a tube chassis race truck. 

Baja Designs has been in the off-road lighting business for over 25 years and is considered the leader in development and manufacturing. Their accomplishments and race results are unmatched both here in the USA and abroad. Baja Designs lights are in every form of off-road racing, winning races and championships. No other lighting company has the same consistent and overwhelming results. At the 2019 SCORE Baja 1000, Baja Designs teams/athletes took 21 1st place finishes.

“We’re really excited to team up with the guys at Baja Designs. They build the highest quality lights out there and the attention to detail is unmatched.”  – Jerry Zaiden @ Camburg

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Camburg Engineering and KINETIK Race Trucks. Just like BD, Camburg uses their race heritage to continue bringing enthusiasts the best turnkey solutions on and off the race course.” – Trent Kirby @ Baja Designs

For more information on Camburg and Baja Designs products; check out their websites www.camburg.com and www.bajadesigns.comMake sure to follow them both on Instagram, YouTube and on Facebook @CAMBURGRACING and @BAJADESIGNSOFFICIAL


With so many events & trips being cancelled this year, the Camburg crew decided it was time to head north to escape the summer heat, but more importantly to go on an off-road adventure with friends. Their 4-day trip with 13 trucks, would embark up US Highway 395 to as far north as Mt. Patterson to some very remote camping locations and even higher elevations in Central California. 

First thing Thursday morning with your typical Huntington Beach parking lot meet & greet with some tire kicking, they hit the road and headed north in a caravan of Ford Raptors, the Camburg Sig Sauer Jeeps Only Jeep Gladiator and a couple overland Toyota 4-Runners. They would be meeting up with the rest of the group in Olancha off the 395. With everyone topped off with fuel and ready to go, they all continued north for another 200+ mile journey. While having Camburg suspension with FOX shocks wasn’t a prerequisite to go on this adventure, coincidently 85% of the trucks did.

Traveling up the 395, it’s tradition to make a pit stop in Bishop at Mahogany Smoked Meats for some fresh jerky & snacks, so of course that was their next stop. The drive from Bishop up to Mono Lake does make for some awesome scenery. With a mix of asphalt, gravel roads and dirt trails, they headed into the historic town of Bodie, California. Bodie is a full-fledged gold mining ghost town that dates back to the 1850’s. To this day, it’s awesome to see these structures still standing giving us a snapshot back in time. From Bodie they continued north and setup camp outside of Bridgeport. Nothing better at camp than good tunes playing on Scosche’s Boom Bottle, ice cold beers & Monster Mango Loco’s in the Igloo cooler and grilling some beef on the BBQ to bring everyone together after a long day of driving and exploration.

Friday after a late breakfast and with camp broke down, they fired up the OnX Offroad GPS app and headed towards Mt Patterson. The roads and trails would traverse them up to 11,654 feet above sea level. The views up there are endless and crystal clear with the American flag at its peak. At this elevation & incline the added torque the Magnaflow exhaust systems add was a needed benefit. There was even quite a bit of snow still on the ground to play in, not that we’re gonna mention who got stuck in it and had to be towed out …. Tucker (cough cough) not on General Tires. They then headed back down the mountain and headed south for their next campsite for the night just northwest of Mono Lake. In a group this size, having communication with everyone out on the trail where cell phones are useless is key. Rugged Radios and Full Throttle batteries make that seamless and super reliable.

Now half way through the trip, Saturday morning they continued south towards Kennedy Meadows and ventured into the Sequoia National Forest. With all the elevation changes, you go from desert gravel to forest loam with everything in between. The General Tire Grabber X3 and ATX tires mounted on Method Race Wheels don’t discriminate and work well in all conditions. Setting up camp for the last night is always bitter sweet. It’s your last primitive meal for a while and you sit around camp talking about what you just experienced while starting to plan the next adventure. Some of the best conversations and friendships are made on these types of trips.

Sunday morning everyone packed up, made sure camp was cleaner than when they got there and hit the road home. With as busy as everyone is with their jobs and responsibilities, these trips bring everyone together and help you re-appreciate what’s truly important in the world during these tough times. Camburg is very thankful of their families, friends and sponsors that help put all this together.

Now onto the next adventure!


There’s no better way to disconnect from the day to day aspects with a slight reset than to take an off-road road trip with the family. A couple weeks ago, Jerry with his wife and kids, loaded up his Ford Raptor, dialed in the OnX Offroad app with offline maps and headed out of Huntington Beach, CA for the open road with a very loose game plan.

They headed north on I-15 to Zion National Park in Utah with a mandatory stop at Moapa’s Valley of Fire just outside of Las Vegas for some snacks but more importantly … fireworks! They pulled into Zion that mid-afternoon, checked into the lodge and then headed into the park to check out the trails. They took Zion’s scenic road till it ended and then hiked the riverside trail to the infamous “Narrows”. If you’ve never been to The Narrows let alone Zion National Park, the scenery there is unreal. Jerry and fam spent a few hours exploring that area before sundown and then headed back into town for some local grub and relaxation under the stars.

The next morning, they headed east through Kanab making a few stops along the way and taking dirt vs pavement on their journey to the westside of Lake Powell for lunch. What’s awesome about that area of Lake Powell is you can pull right up to the waters edge and hang out on the sandy beach with your truck. After a quick dip to cool off they were back under way, only after they helped pull a stuck truck in the sand to higher ground. The General Grabber X3’s work really well in all types of terrain and made the tow an easy one. 

As they crossed the border into Arizona and headed south through Flagstaff, their next stop was Sedona. Having dirt withdrawals, they left the pavement and did some more off-road exploring as they worked their way south. With Scosche’s new ProClip dash mounts, navigating dirt roads and trails with an iPad and/or iPhone is super easy and keeps them in place and in view. Their final destination for the trip was Grasshopper Point just outside Sedona which has some awesome views, a refreshing swimming hole and cliff jumping into Oak Creek. You could say it’s one of Mother Nature’s many water parks.

As with all trips and adventures, they go by way too fast and spark 1,000 more ideas of what to do the next time around. Having a vehicle like Jerry’s Raptor makes these types of trips far more fun and allows you to go and see things the average person never gets to.

Click HERE to check out Jerry’s Raptor build with all the specs and details on why he built the truck the way he did. Even if you don’t have a Raptor, there’s some solid info that really applies to everyone.


We’re not your typical trail riders or campers, we like to go to remote off-road locations FAST! When Jerry Zaiden one of the owners of Camburg wanted to build up his Ford Raptor, he did so with strength, organization and comfort in mind. He wanted something he could drive during the week to work, to run errands, to take the family to dinner and head down to the beach to surf. On the weekends and for road trips he wanted something that he could run hard down in Baja to chase the races with but also hit the forest & desert trails and crawl if need be to an isolated camping spot all while being self-sufficient.

For the suspension we outfitted his truck with our Camburg Elite Performance System. It’s made up of FOX 3.0 front & rear shocks, our Camburg KINETIK series upper control arms and our rear bump stop system with Deaver leaf springs. This combination of parts works awesome for the wide range of uses Jerry operates his truck in. He’s able to adjust and dial in the FOX front DSC coilovers and rear bypass shocks for how he wants it to ride. When it’s time to hit the trails, he can stiffen it up for more bottoming control all while still having a soft plush ride. The KINETIK billet upper arms use larger FK uniballs and heims joints for maximum strength and to correct the geometry to improve the handling both on and off-road.  This allows for maximum wheel travel and zero deflection or binding under hard braking and off-road use. Our Camburg rear bump stop kit not only strengthens the frame but adds a ton of bottoming control when you need it most from the FOX 2.5 bump stops. With the added weight and higher COG, we used Deaver’s heavy duty leaf pack to not only add load capacity but also lift it a little for more up travel and eliminate the factory block to reduce axle wrap. It’s also a more progressive spring pack which helps with bottoming and allows the shocks to run cooler.

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

For added ground clearance, strength and a better performing tire, we went with General 37” tires on Method race wheels. Even with an aggressive tread, the General Grabber X3’s wear great on the road and work awesome in the dirt, snow & mud. The Method wheels are the correct offset for our suspension and geometry, are lightweight and super strong for hard off-road use. We powder coated them our custom race team colors, but they are available in a wide selection of colors and styles. We use General tires and Method wheels on all our race trucks, chase trucks and project vehicles. 

With the larger tires and added weight, we wanted to gain some performance and went with a K&N filter and Magnaflow exhaust system. Not only does the turbo charged engine sound and breath better with them, but they are much higher quality parts than stock. We also use the complete line of Amsoil oils & fluids for the hard use and extreme temps the truck see’s off-road.

To go camping for days on end, you need a place to sleep and tons of storage for food, supplies and tools; “just in case”. Those aspects are what usually regulate how fast and hard you can drive and makes the trip from point A to B, much slower. With the GFC Camper and Goose Gear storage system, everything is organized, secure and able to thrash down the trails without making the bed of your truck look like a bomb went off. You’re able to pull into camp and in less than 5 minutes pop up the GFC tent and Tepui awning and enjoy your stay.

Once you’ve parked, you can swing open the RIGd tire carrier, pop down the tailgate, open the hardwired Dometic fridge, crack open a cold beer and take the Igloo cooler over to the campfire area. The RIGd tire carrier holds the 37” tire no problem but also swings out of the way to access the Front Runner table to cut those limes for group tequila shots and to prepare your dinner steaks. It’s also able to mount a Rotopax gas can for those “I hope I don’t run out” situations.

After sunset you can open up the sides of the GFC camper and use the Switch-Pros keypad to control the Rigid led work lights. You’ll have no problem finding things in the middle of the night like the Power Tank CO2 tank or the Scosche boom bottles for some classic rock around camp. Making sure your truck starts the next morning is a Full Throttle AGM battery and Scosche jump starter if you accidently leave the lights and accessories on all night.

When you’re off the highway especially at night, there are two things that make navigation a whole lot less stressful. One, knowing where you’re going and two, being able to see where you’re going. Using OnX Offroad’s GPS navigation app on an Ipad located on the dash with a Scosche mount is almost cheating. It shows all the local roads and trails along with property boundary lines and a ton of detailed information. You’re able to record your trail live and set waypoints as you go or just follow along with what’s already loaded. This is the next level of off-road GPS navigation for all types of uses and vehicles. We also use this in our Can-Am X3 UTV with an Iphone and Scosche magic mount. With Rigid’s fog lights and LED light bars on the front bumper and above the cab on the GFC camper, you will never not see ahead of you. These lights are low profile, energy efficient and put out a ton of light exactly where you need it. Way down the trail, right in front of you and off to the sides for taking those tight corners on an off-camber mountain side trail.

Most times you’re not alone, so being able to communicate with your friends or worst case calling for help is a priority. We outfitted Jerry’s Raptor with Rugged Radios 60-watt VHF radio kit. It’s compact and easy to mount out of the way. If you’re leading the pack you can let everyone know of an upcoming washout or rut. If you’re trailing behind you can let your buddies know you’re just cruising, listening to some yacht rock and taking in the scenery. Either way you’re in contact at all times miles away from one another.

Rounding out the build we use an assortment of Scosche mounts and accessories throughout the truck for Jerry’s iphone, GoPro camera’s, Scosche Boom Bottle bluetooth audio speakers and fire extinguishers. You can never be too prepared or know what you could come up on. When the trip is all over, with a quick washer and detail, the desert pin stripes are gone using Mothers assortment of cleaners, polishes and waxes. Gotta make sure the paint and stickers look prime at all times.

Hopefully this answers some questions and gives you some insight on how and why we built Jerry’s Raptor the way we did with the companies and products used. All these products can be purchased through us or through the companies themselves. 

Click on the individual product links for more detailed information and pictures. Also check out the videos below to see the truck in action and let Jerry give you a tour of his truck, along with a detailed photo gallery. 


We’re headed out to the 2020 King of the Hammers with the crew to have some fun in our Jeeps Only Sig Sauer Gladiator, Ford Raptor and Can-Am X3 UTV. We’re also taking out our new ATC Toy Hauler for a test spin. We’ll be ripping around the desert, rock crawling, spectating the races and hanging out with fans & friends

If you see us out there say hi or stop by our camp to check out our vehicles and ask any questions you have.


The Camburg Kids made no delay getting back in the race truck for 2020. They are hungry to learn and get as much seat time in as they can. This past weekend they entered MORE’s Slash X Duel in the Desert race in the 1400 class.

The “Duel in the Desert” took place out at Barstow, CA and was made up of ten 16-mile laps through some of the roughest and tore up race course in Southern California. If you’re not familiar with the area, this is where most race teams come to test and shock tune so you know the terrain is brutal and challenging.

Corey Campbell started the race with Robert Moruzzi as his navigator. Robert not only built the LS engine for the Camburg Ford Ranger but also has a lot of driving/racing experience himself out in Barstow so he could give some great input and feedback to the kids. They were 6th off the line and quickly charged through the pack and set a fast pace. After 3 laps of making some passes and being smart behind the wheel, Corey was able to hand it over to his older brother Cody in 2nd place.

Cody Campbell got in on lap 4 and dropped the hammer. He pushed hard and was able to get around the 1st place truck and pull ahead. He put down the fastest lap of the day in the 1400 class with a lap time of 16 mins 35 secs.  He continued his pace and continued to put time on the leader. Unfortunately, his luck ran out and he got tangled up in some rocks and had to pull off course and inspect the truck. During this down time the 2nd place truck got around them. They got back under way and pulled into main pit to hand over the truck to Zach.

Zach Zaiden then got in the driver’s seat to finish out the last 3 laps and make a run for the leader as they were 8 minutes behind. The truck was running great and with some clean air late in the day, Zach was able to put down some fast and consistent laps and get around the leader late on the last lap and cross the finish line in 1st place. It was a close finish at the end but the Camburg Kids were able to come out ahead.

Starting off the race season with a win always up’s the team’s excitement and they are looking forward to the next one. Keep your eyes on these kids, they’re just getting started in their racing adventures.

“Jason and I started displaying at contingency and racing in Barstow so it’s awesome to see the kids come out here and win where it all started for the two of us.”Jerry Zaiden

“The kids are getting fast behind the wheel quickly and that fires me up to get the truck that much more dialed in for them. With more and more seat time, they’re getting comfortable in racing conditions.” – Jason Campbell

Camburg would like to thank all their sponsors, team members and fellow racers for the opportunity to be racing with them and be a part of the next generation of young racers.

For more information on Camburg products, race photo gallery and 2020 race program; check out their website www.camburg.comMake sure to follow them on Instagram, YouTube and on Facebook @CAMBURGRACING

The Camburg Kids 2001 Ford Ranger Edge showcases Camburg’s suspension and racing parts along with their sponsors. For the front suspension the truck is outfitted with Camburg’s race series long-travel kit that utilizes their 2.50 front race hubs, FK heims and uniballs and a HOWE steering box with FOX’s 2.5 coilovers, 3.0 bypass shocks and 2.5 bump stops. The rear suspension is made up of Camburg’s 4-link kit connected to their 4.00 rear axle housing running their 3.25 race hubs. With FOX’s 2.5 coilovers, 3.5 bypass shocks and 2.5 bump stops there is plenty of control in the rear. The chassis and suspension are coated with STEEL-IT for optimum corrosion resistance and protection. Powering the truck is a K&N filtered 600hp Moruzzi built LS engine with a Magnaflow exhaust mated to a Culhane built Turbo 400 transmission that is fed by a custom Pyrotect fuel cell. AMSOIL lubricants are used throughout the truck and a Full Throttle Battery powers the electronics. The Ranger sits on General Tire Grabber X3 tires and Method Race Wheels 103 beadlock wheels. In the cockpit the kids are strapped into Sparco EVO seats with their Sparco steering wheel and Rugged Radios communication in arms reach along with an assortment of Scosche powersports mounts and accessories. When day turns to night, they rely on their RIGID Industries LED series of lights.

Photos: Trina Campbell & 556 Photo


For 2020, Camburg Engineering has teamed up with Full Throttle Battery to outfit all of their race trucks, Can-Am UTV’s and support/project vehicles with their AGM automotive and powersports batteries.

Full Throttle (a division of Full River Battery) builds some of the highest quality AGM batteries on the market using the latest technologies and manufacturing processes. 

The Full Throttle Series of batteries were designed from the ground up to handle the increasing demands of today’s vehicles. Built with high-compression cells and a heavy-duty case, they stand strong in the face of shock and vibration. Pure-lead cells and thin-plate technology deliver reliable power, again and again, to meet the highest level of demand.

Full Throttle batteries fit the widest variety of vehicle needs and applications (Cars, trucks, motorcycles, marine, power sports, emergency responders and semi-trucks). From professional racing to serious vehicle enthusiasts, Full Throttle is the battery of choice. Tough, reliable, and built to last.

“We’re really excited to partner with Full Throttle on all our high-performance battery needs. Racing off-road and hitting the trails are very demanding and require the highest quality parts out there. The FT series of batteries meets those challenges.”  
– Jerry Zaiden @ Camburg Engineering

“Teaming up with the Camburg team made perfect sense for us. They have a diverse and successful motorsports program that taps into many different markets to showcase our products and put them to the ultimate test.” 
– Ian Blomgren @ Full Throttle Battery 

For more information on Camburg and Full Throttle Battery products; check out their websites www.camburg.com and www.fullthrottlebattery.comMake sure to follow them on Instagram, YouTube and on Facebook @CAMBURGRACING


With 2019 coming to an end, we look back at the year of racing and accomplishments the Camburg team achieved.

For 2019 Camburg changed their focus on racing a bit which included adding some new events and more so getting the Camburg Kids involved in racing and in some exhibition events. They contended two trucks this year, their KINETIK Camburg built 6100 Spec Trick Truck and the Camburg Kids Ford Ranger. 

The combination of races and team focus earned them 6 podiums in 9 races/events and included 2 back to back wins in the Best in the Desert series ultra-competitive 6100 Spec Trick Truck class.

Early in the year, the Camburg Kids were able to earn a 2nd place finish in the 1400 class in their Ford Ranger and a 3rd place finish in the Unlimited truck class in the KINETIK 6100 at the Method Race Wheels Jump Champs Time Trials at Glen Helen Raceway. They were also able to take home 2nd place in the big air jump competition at the same event in their Ford Ranger.

Camburg then qualified 1st and finished in 1st place at the Best in the Desert General Tire Vegas to Reno race in the 6100 class. This is the longest off-road race in the USA and draws a record number of racers and teams. They had a commanding lead all day and finished 28 minutes ahead of 2nd place.

Coming off their win, the Camburg team then won the Best in the Desert Method Race Wheels Laughlin Desert Classic in the 6100 class. This was a 2 day race which left no room for errors since it’s a short course style desert race with combined results from each day. Back to back wins made a statement and put a lot of eyes on the team.

Rounding out the year, the Camburg Kids entered their Ford Ranger at SNORE’s Rage at the River race and placed 3rd in the large 1450 class. This was also a 2 day short course style desert race and they were able to put in 2 solid days of racing putting them on the podium.

All in all, 2019 was a very successful year for Camburg’s racing division and 2020 brings in some new sponsors and exciting events that once again will put Camburg and the Camburg Kids in the spotlight showcasing their trucks and sponsors.

“This year we changed things up a bit and doing so brought some new excitement and energy to the team along with some awesome content. It was really great to see the kids step into the ring, put on their racing gloves and embrace it 100%.”

– Jerry Zaiden

“Racing gives us a way to refine and further develop not only our KINETIK race trucks but also our Camburgproducts. The kids Ford Ranger is a perfect platform to showcase our off the shelf products along with our sponsors products that appeal to our core fans.”

– Jason Campbell

Camburg would like to thank all their 2019 sponsors, team members and fellow racers for the opportunity to be racing with them and also to be a part of the next generation of young racers and enthusiasts.

For more information on Camburg products, race photo gallery and race team involvement; check out their website www.camburg.comMake sure to follow them on Instagram, YouTube and on Facebook @CAMBURGRACING


Congratulations to Todd Walter and the entire AMR team for winning the Best in the Desert Class 7100 Championship for 2019. Todd has been a long time Camburg racer and it’s great to see such a well deserved team earn the top spot.

Todd’s Toyota Tacoma is outfitted with our Camburg 2.50 front race hubs, our Tacoma ’05-20 long-travel spring-under kit with one of our complete race rear ends that uses our 3.50 housing and 2.50 rear hubs. His truck uses many of our fabrication products as well, along with products we sell and recommend from our other race suppliers.


As 2019 comes to an end, the Camburg Kids wanted one last race under their belts as they roll into 2020 with some big plans and even bigger goals. The decision was made to bring out the Camburg Ranger to SNORE’s Rage at the River race.

Rage at the River” is a fun and exciting 2-day race that mixes short course and desert racing elements on a 12.5-mile course in Laughlin, Nevada. Each race consists of 4 laps and your overall standings for the weekend is based on your combined times for both days. If you have a bad day it’s hard to recover and finish up front with how competitive and large the 1450 class is.

The team headed to Laughlin, Nevada for tech inspection and contingency on Friday as the racing started early Saturday morning. With 3 drivers, they would be running two classes and switching up driving duties. Corey Campbell would be running the truck both days in the morning race in the Sportsman Truck class. While Zach Zaiden and Cody Campbell would be splitting driving duties in the truck in the afternoon race in the 1450 class.

If you’re not familiar with who these young drivers are, here’s a quick rundown and you will surely be hearing more about them. Cody at 19 is the oldest son of Jason Campbell who’s one of the owners of Camburg. Zach who’s 18, is Jerry Zaiden’s son who is the other owner of Camburg. Corey is Jason’s youngest at 16 years old. Long story short … they’re the “Camburg Kids”.

With an early morning start, Corey got strapped in with Keith Marygold as his navigator. They were off the line and Corey was on a mission of redemption since he put the truck on its side the last race. He was not about to end the year on that memory. He charged through the field, was having fun behind the wheel, had zero issues and finished in 4th place for the day. There was only a half second gap between him and 2nd place!

With a quick inspection and re-fueling Zach got in with seasoned driver Darren Parsons as his navigator for the afternoon 1450 race. Once they got the green light it was a hard charge up the infield. The truck was handling awesome and they were making passes left and right, all while being smart behind the wheel. Going through the dust Zach got caught up in a rock section and ended up having to pit which put them down for about 6.5 minutes total. They got back under way to make up lost time as the race was coming to an end. Zach was able to finish 9th in class out of 29 racers and felt good about handing over the truck to Cody for day 2 of racing.

After a solid and exciting day of racing, it was time to do a quick prep on the truck to get it ready for day 2, cook some taco’s in the pits and hang out with friends and family. As fierce as everyone is out on the track, everyone comes together and helps one another before and after.

Sunday morning Day 2 was underway with Corey getting back in the truck. Coming off his finish the day before he was excited to do a repeat. With 3 trucks starting side by side, he left the starting line hard and was able to pull ahead of the other trucks and lead off into the desert. The Camburg Ranger was working great and he was putting down a great pace. Unfortunately, the truck had a slight issue at the end of lap 3 so he pulled the truck into main pit to get it fixed and ready for the afternoon race for his brother.

Now it was Cody’s turn to put down some laps in the 1450 class. He had his brother Corey jump in with him as navigator and they were going to tag team this last race. No holds barred, give it all she’s got to end the year. With a 9th place finish the day before, they had a good starting position to make up time. The race got under way and they were in the zone. Cody hammered down and made some critical passes early on and kept charging. The race course was much rougher and tore up from all the racing the day before and prior that day. After 4 consistent fast laps, the brothers finished in 3rd place for the day and with the combined times, Zach and Cody finished 3rd overall in one of the largest 1450 races of the year.

With the 2019 racing season done for the year, it’s great to see the kids finish on a high note and have that much more motivation and seat time going into 2020. The Camburg Kids are making their mark and will continue to do so in the years to come.

“It’s awesome to see all our kids growing up and getting behind the wheel and experiencing the highs and lows of off-road racing. Thankful we and our sponsors get to help them along the way.”
– Jerry Zaiden

“While it’s not a passing of the torch, seeing the kids battling out on course and putting in the time after hours at the shop to get the truck to the next race is great to see and be a part of. Our kids aren’t really kids anymore.”
– Jason Campbell

Camburg would like to thank all their sponsors, team members and fellow racers for the opportunity to be racing with them and be a part of the next generation of young racers.

The Camburg Kids 2001 Ford Ranger Edge showcases Camburg’s suspension and racing parts along with their sponsors. For the front suspension the truck is outfitted with Camburg’s race series long-travel kit that utilizes their 2.50 front race hubs, FK heims and uniballs and a HOWE steering box with FOX’s 2.5 coilovers, 3.0 bypass shocks and 2.5 bump stops. The rear suspension is made up of Camburg’s 4-link kit connected to their 4.00 rear axle housing running their 3.25 race hubs. With FOX’s 2.5 coilovers, 3.5 bypass shocks and 2.5 bump stops there is plenty of control in the rear. The chassis and suspension are coated with STEEL-IT for optimum corrosion resistance and protection. Powering the truck is a K&N filtered 600hp Moruzzi built LS engine with a Magnaflow exhaust matted to a Culhane built Turbo 400 transmission that is fed by a custom Pyrotect fuel cell. AMSOIL lubricants are used throughout the truck. The Ranger sits on General Tire Grabber X3 tires and Method Race Wheels 103 beadlock wheels. In the cockpit the kids are strapped into Sparco EVO seats with their Sparco steering wheel and Rugged Radios communication in arms reach along with an assortment of Scosche powersports mounts and accessories. When day turns to night, they rely on their RIGID Industries LED series of lights.

For more information on Camburg products, race photo gallery and race team involvement; check out their website www.camburg.com. Make sure to follow them on Instagram and on Facebook @CAMBURGRACING