General Tire Grabber AT2 Tires


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This tough, all-terrain tire is designed with an aggressive, self-cleaning tread pattern that provides off-road traction, durability and impressive paved road performance.

  • 5-Row Tread Pattern with Multiple Traction Edges:
  • Innovative tread design promotes uncompromisingon and off-road traction.
  • Double V-Shaped Tread Pattern: Designed to increase treadlife and off-road durability.
  • Highly-Engineered Acoustic Tread Pattern: Allows the aggressive tread pattern to provide a quiet, comfortable ride during highway driving.


235/75R15 225/70R15 255/70R15 265/70R15

35X12.50R15 33X12.50R15 31X10.50R15 30X9.50R15

235/85R16 225/75R16 245/75R16 265/75R16 285/75R16 295/75R16 315/75R16 305/70R16

265/70R17 285/70R17 315/70R17

33X12.50R17 35X12.50R17

LT265/70R18 LT275/70R18 LT285/60R18

33X12.50R18 35X12.50R18

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