Camburg Toyota Tundra 2wd/4wd 07-21 Performance Rear Shock Mount Kit and Shocks

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When a shock going through the bed is not an option, our performance shock mount kit is the solution. We yield maximum wheel travel and control using specific FOX or King  2.5 or 3.0 bypass shocks. You will need a specific bypass tube layout for proper clearances. We developed and tested this setup out on the trails in Moab, Utah to the sand dunes in Glamis, CA and everything in between, all while being used as a daily driver. No other bolt-in shock will give you the comfort, control and articulation this kit delivers. The shocks we sell are custom built and valved specific for this kit; there’s more to them than just tube locations. We also offer a FOX 3.0 smooth body shock for a lower cost option while still getting the wheel travel and damping from a bigger 3.0 shock.

The powdercoated upper shock mount bolts to the frame using a pre-existing hole for proper placement and you will need to drill some additional holes in the frame. The lower shock mounts need to be welded to the housing, so minor fab work is involved along with cycling the rear suspension and removing the factory shock mounts. We suggest an off-road shop installing this, if you’re not familiar with welding/grinding/cutting and suspension cycling. The factory upper and lower shock mounts will need to be removed. We designed this kit to be used with Deaver K-37 or U-748 springs or the equivalent and our bolt-on bump stop kit for the ultimate undercover setup. We also highly recommend using our extended length rear brake line kit for maximum wheel travel along with 18″ limit straps.

  • Increased wheel travel
  • Under bed design
  • Fits up to a 3.0 bypass shock
  • Designed for 1-3″ of rear lift


Shock Mount Kit (CAM-320013):

  • Bolt-on frame upper shock mounts
  • Weld-on axle lower shock mounts
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware


  • FOX 2.5 bypass shock kit (CAM-320014-1)
  • FOX 3.0 bypass shock kit (CAM-320014-2)
  • King 2.5 bypass shock kit (CAM-320014-5)
  • King 3.0 bypass shock kit (CAM-320014-3)
  • FOX 3.0 smooth body shock kit (CAM-320014-4)
  • Extended rear brake lines (CAM-330026)
Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size Install Labor Alignment Specs
14-15 in $1,000
  • You will need a specific bypass tube layout for proper clearances (see below)
  • Shock specs: 12″ travel | Dimensions: Compressed = 20-21″ | Extended = 32-33″ | 1.25″ width upper spacers & 1.50″ width lower spacers
  • Welding/Grinding/Cutting/Etc is required to install these mounts
  • Extended brake lines and 18″ limit straps highly recommended
  • Side exit exhausts may need to be modified with the increased wheel travel/droop



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