Camburg Ford Bronco 21-24 King 2.5 Performance Kit

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  • Corrected geometry with upper arms
  • Rear coilover conversion
  • Improved handling on & off-road


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Our King 2.5 performance kit for the ’21-24 Ford Bronco’s takes your stock suspension to the next level. We utilize Kings’s 2.5 series front coilovers with compression adjusters. This combination of parts not only improves the ride and handling on-road but more so off-road with the larger diameter shocks and external reservoirs. These 2.5 coilovers are designed to be used with our Camburg upper arms for maximum useable wheel travel and performance. These also have King’s finned aluminum reservoirs that aid in lowering shock temps under hard use.

  • Improved ride both on and off-road
  • Eliminates weak upper ball-joint
  • Increased wheel travel
  • Corrected suspension geometry
  • Made in the USA

After lifting your truck, the stock upper arms become the limiting factor and hold back your suspensions performance. Our upper arms address these issues and more.  Replacing the arms increase wheel travel with a part that is considerably stronger and will last longer under extreme conditions. You have the option of our uniball or billet series arms. We also engineered the arms with more caster and changed the camber curve to correct geometry so the vehicle aligns correctly and improves driving characteristics and handling. For more info on all our arms, check out their individual product pages to help make your choice.

In the rear we convert to a coilovers which dramatically improves the ride with additional lift. They have a substantial increased oil capacity due to their size and have a lot more control and damping. The compression adjuster allows you to tune the shock softer and firmer depending on what you’re looking for and how you’re the truck. Since they are longer in length they increase rear wheel travel and articulation. These also have King’s finned aluminum reservoirs that aid in lowering shock temps under hard use.

As an upgrade we recommend one of our rear lower trailing arm kits. They’re considerably stronger, pivot on 1″ uniball bearings for more wheel travel and articulation.

  • w/ Sasquatch Package = 0-1″ lift | w/o Sasquatch Package = 2-3″ lift
  • Does not fit the Bronco Raptor

For more detailed info on all these parts, check out their individual product pages by clicking on the links below …


Kit includes …

  • King 2.5 Remote Coilovers w/ Compression Adj. (25001-392A)
  • Camburg Upper Arms (Options: Billet CAM-110214-GRY | Uniball w/ Covers CAM-110213)
  • King 2.5 Remote Rear Coilovers w/ Compression Adj. (25001-393A)

Optional …

  • Camburg Rear Lower Trailing Arms (Options: Billet CAM-120032-GRY | Tubular CAM-120031) w/ offset lower shock spacers
Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size Install Labor Alignment Specs
See Description Stock 17-20 in 5.00 in 33-37 in $1,600-$2,400 + $185 align
  • Does not fit the Bronco Raptor

Lift amounts, tire and wheel sizing, suspension specifications, etc. are generalized as they can vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle with so many production variables between manufactures, products and vehicle options/packages from the factory. We’re supplying you the best information at our disposable along with the information supplied to us from the brands we sell. With so many variables of wheel size, offset/backspacing, tire size, brands and styles, the amount of lift and specific suspension components installed, etc., you may need to trim plastic/sheet metal and/or modify the body mount behind the front tires to eliminate tire rubbing.


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