Camburg Toyota Tundra 2wd/4wd 07-21 Race Series Long Travel Kit

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Our off-the-shelf long-travel kit for the 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra’s has been raced down in Baja, Mexico, stateside in the Best in the Desert race series and all the way to the Dakar Rally. No other long-travel kit for these trucks has been pushed and used to this level of off-roading.

We designed this kit to yield maximum useable wheel travel (15-16”) being 2.5” wider per side and pushing the wheelbase forward 1” for added tire clearance at the firewall when running 35-37” tires. We’ve improved front end geometry for better handling and driving characteristics all while being able to be driven on-road with ease as a daily driver. This suspension system is great for tight and technical trail use that requires increased articulation and traction along with higher speed desert use needing bottoming and damping control with much stronger components that won’t leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Our suspension system is made up of a few key components ……

The tubular 4130 chromoly upper arms come standard with polyurethane bushing at the inner pivot points on the frame. This reduces flexing while under heavy loads and under braking while allowing for reduced friction and zero binding. These are grease-able via zerk fittings and serviceable. We combine this with a large FK 1.50” PTFE lined uniball that adapts to the spindle with heat-treated stainless steel spacers. No modifications or drilling is necessary since the spacers match the taper of the factory ball-joint. This is all through bolted together with a 12pt grade 8 bolt that is recessed in the uniball for a lower profile and cleaner look. We don’t use a machined tapered pin that uses a much smaller/weaker bolt to hold it all together. The 1.50” uniball is much stronger, lasts longer and allows for more wheel travel since it has more degrees of rotational movement compared to smaller 1” uniballs. A smaller uniball moves less which means less wheel travel …. plain and simple. As an upgrade we also offer our KINETIK billet upper arms using FK 7/8” heim joints for race applications and/or for customers looking for added camber and caster adjustment.

CAD designed, CNC laser cut and formed, the lower arms are an internally gusseted boxed design for added strength, more ground clearance and are lighter in weight. The complex design allows for a beveled front face for better approach angles and rock sliding. All Camburg lower arms use FK 1” uniballs at the inner pivots as well as our KINETIK race trucks. Since the lower arms take the majority of the load, you want to use the best parts available. Cheaper polyurethane or delrin bushings have no business at these locations when something better is available. The uniballs allow for zero binding when the suspension cycles up and down, and has zero flex under braking so your geometry and alignment is always consistent. With Toyota trucks being aligned by their lower arm, a uniball setup also allows for a bind free adjustment and you’re able to torque all the bolts without putting it into a bind. Since the uniball spacers are 1.50” diameter, you have better clamping force in the frame mounts do to the increased surface area which keeps the holes from ovaling out over time unlike a small diameter sleeve used in a bushing. The front of the lower arm is tabbed for our optional front sway-bar system so you have the ability to upgrade that as well at the same time or down the road.

To attach the factory spindle to the lower arm we use an adaptor that’s water-jet cut from thick ¾” steel that houses the FK 1.50” uniball. We use a ¾” Mil-Spec 21250 12 point aircraft bolt. These bolts are rated 180,000 psi minimum tensile strength and 108,000 psi minimum shear strength. A stronger or higher quality bolt does not exist, hence why the Military, NASA and Aircraft companies use these. They have a specific shoulder/grip length and the head design yields higher tensile and shear strengths compared to any Grade 8, 9 or 12.9 bolt. They are made to the highest quality control standards out there. These bolts alone cost $60 each …. You truly get what you pay for.

Included with the kit are steering extensions that are CNC machined in-house from heat-treated stainless steel, extended length stainless braided/Kevlar reinforced front brake lines and our coilover mounts that bolt up into the frame.

For 4wd trucks you’ll need our long-travel axle shafts since we increase the track width. We machine our axles from 4340 chromoly, heat-treat and stress relieve them and finish them off with a powdercoated finish. These are designed to be installed into your OEM Toyota inner and outer CV’s assemblies, not aftermarket remanufactured versions. This is a process that needs to be done by a CV driveline shop.

With this kit you have the ability to run a coilover, with a bypass shock and hydraulic/air bump stop for the ultimate control for off-road use. We have a Camburg spec. FOX or King 2.5 coilover that we’ve designed to yield maximum useable wheel travel and control with specific valving. When adding a bypass shock you have the option of a 2.5 or 3.0 series from FOX and King as well. A weld-on bypass mount kit is available to make for an easier install if you’re not looking to fabricate that yourself. Running a 2.0 x 2.5 bumpstop will help with bottoming resistance especially when only running a coilover. This kit requires custom shocks.

Fiberglass front fenders need to be installed in conjunction with this suspension system. While this kit is able to be 100% bolt-on, we recommend having it installed by a reputable off-road shop familiar with these types of products and components. This is not for your beginner mechanic to handle.


Long Travel Kit (CAM-310018-U):

  • Tubular 1.50 uniball upper control arms
  • Boxed uniball lower control arms
  • Lower 1.50 uniball spindle adapters
  • Steering extensions
  • Extended front brake lines (CAM-330004)
  • 12″ limit straps (CAM-030052)
  • Upper coilover shock mounts
  • Hardware


  • L/T Kit with KINETIK billet uniball upper arms (CAM-310018-K-GRY)
  • Camburg 4340 4wd axle shafts (CAM-310035)
  • FOX 2.5 coilover kit (CAM-310026-4)
  • King 2.5 coilover kit (CAM-310026-5)
  • FOX 2.0 x 2.5″ bump stops w/ cans (2x 980-02-311 & CAM-040027)
  • King 2.0 x 2″ bump stops w/ cans (2x BS2020 & 20AB422-104)
  • Camburg 2.5/3.0 bypass shock mount kit (CAM-310045)
  • FOX 2.5 bypass shock kit (CAM-310027-1)
  • FOX 3.0 bypass shock kit (CAM-310027-3)
  • King 2.5 bypass shock kit (CAM-310027-2)
  • King 3.0 bypass shock kit (CAM-310027-4)
  • Camburg front sway-bar kit (CAM-310105)
Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size Install Labor Alignment Specs
3-5 in (front) 15-16 in +2.5 in per side 17-20 in 4.75 in 35-37 in 2wd: $1,600+ | 4wd: $2,200+ | +$185 align
  • Must use specific long-travel coilovers designed for this kit, OEM style bolt-in coilovers will not work.
  • Must run fiberglass front fenders.
  • 18″ & 20″ OEM wheels will not work with this suspension system.
  • Make sure to not use a diff-drop with this kit as it will cause the axle shaft to rub the coil spring since it rotates the diff housing and brings the axle shaft closer.
  • The factory sway-bar does not work with this kit as it limits travel. We have an optional sway-bar system specific for this kit.

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