Camburg Toyota Tundra 2wd/4wd 00-03 Long Travel Kit

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This Off-road System will provide 13″ Of travel and widens the trucks front stance 3.5″ per side. Fiberglass fenders are a must. The Boxed lower Arms pivot on massive 1″ uni-balls instead of cheap bushings. The upper arm replaces the ball-joint with a 1″ uniball and uses a heat-treated stainless steel adapter on the spindle.  This very kit has been raced on in Baja with great results.

With this kit you have the ability to run a coilover, with a bypass shock and hydraulic/air bump stop for the ultimate control for off-road use. We have a Camburg spec. FOX or King 2.5 coilover that we’ve designed to yield maximum useable wheel travel and control with specific valving. When running a bypass shock you or a shop will need to fabricate the upper mounts.

Fiberglass front fenders need to be installed in conjunction with this suspension system. While this kit is able to be 95% bolt-on, we recommend having it installed by a reputable off-road shop familiar with these types of products and components. This is not for your beginner mechanic to handle.


Long Travel Kit (CAM-310015):

  • Uniball upper control arms
  • Boxed lower control arms
  • Extended front brake lines (CAM-330002)
  • 12″ Limit straps
  • Steering extensions
  • Coilover mounts
  • Hardware


  • Camburg 4340 4wd axle shafts (CAM-310031)
  • FOX 2.5 coilover kit (CAM-310025-3)
  • King 2.5 coilover kit (CAM-310025-5)
  • FOX 2.0 x 2.5″ bump stops w/ cans (2x 980-02-311 & CAM-040027)
  • King 2.0 x 2″ bump stops w/ cans (2x BS2020 & 20AB422-104)
  • FOX 2.5 bypass shock kit (CAM-310106-1)
  • King 2.5 bypass shock kit (CAM-310106-2)
Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size Install Labor Alignment Specs
2.5-4 in (front) 13 in +3.5 in per side 16-20 in 4.75 in 285/75/16 or 285/70/17 2wd: $1,600+ | 4wd: $2,200+ | +$185 align

SHOCK SPECS: 2.5 x 8″ remote coilover 18″ x 600 lb coils 22.3″ extended | 14.3″ collapsed Flat/Lowered lower spring seat 1.25″ width shock spacers 90 degree res. fitting on shock.