Camburg Toyota Tacoma Pre/4wd 96-04 Long Travel Kit

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This Toyota Tacoma Long Travel Off-road System will provide 13″ Of travel and widens the trucks front stance 3.5″ per side. Fiberglass fenders are a must. The Boxed lower Arms pivot on massive 1″ uni-balls instead of cheap bushings. The upper arm replaces the ball-joint with a 1″ uniball and uses a heat-treated stainless steel adapter on the spindle.  This very kit has been raced on in Baja with great results.

When running a bypass shock you or a shop will need to fabricate the upper mounts.

Fiberglass front fenders need to be installed in conjunction with this suspension system. While this kit is able to be 95% bolt-on, we recommend having it installed by a reputable off-road shop familiar with these types of products and components. This is not for your beginner mechanic to handle.

If your truck has manual locking front hubs, you will need to have custom axle shafts made. We can refer you to a few companies. The complete axles we use are for auto locking hubs only.


  • Uniball upper arms
  • Boxed lower arms
  • SS extended brake lines
  • Limit straps
  • SS steering extensions
  • Coilover mounts
  • Hardware
Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size Install Labor Alignment Specs
2.5-4 in (front) 13 in 3.5 in wider per side 16-20 in 4.75 in 285/75/16 or 285/70/17 2wd: $1,600+ | 4wd: $2,200+ | +$100 Align
  • Fits 6 lug 4wd and Prerunner 2wd models only