Camburg Ford Raptor 17-20 Performance Long Travel Kit

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  • Boxed Lower Arms w/ Skid Plates
  • Billet Upper Uniball Arms
  • Increased Wheel Travel


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Here are some quick facts with more info and pics to come.

  • Increased track-width 1.5″ per side (3″ wider total)
  • Front wheel position is pushed forward 1″ for added tire clearance at firewall to eliminate/minimize rubbing/trimming.
  • Designed for 37″ tires.
  • 15% increased wheel travel
  • Boxed lower arms with 1″ uniball pivots at the frame. Tabbed for secondary bypass shock.
  • Bolt on aluminum skid plates for lower control arms.
  • Billet upper arm with 7/8 heims at the frame and a large 1.50 uniball at the spindle/knuckle.
  • 17-4 stainless heim steering conversion outer tie rod that corrects bumpsteer geometry utilizing the factory inner tie rod for rack longevity.
  • Stronger AN aircraft bolts for steering, bypass shock and bump stop pivots.
  • Designed to use the OEM coilovers or 3.0 aftermarket coilovers
  • Designed to use a specific FOX 3.5 bypass shock for increased bottoming control and progression.
  • Heat-treated 4340 extended length front axle shafts with new CV boot clamps.
  • Optional FOX 3.5 bypass shock and weld-on bypass frame mount.
  • Optional FOX 2.5 bump stop kit.
  • Designed to use aftermarket fiberglass front fenders (2-2.5″ flare). We recommend Advanced Fiberglass Concepts, Fiberwerx or SDHQ.
  • Stock wheels and tires will not work with this kit, must use wheels with 4.75-5.00″ backspacing


Long Travel Kit:

  • Boxed lower arms w/ bolt-on aluminum skid plates
  • Billet 1.50 uniball upper arms with heim pivots
  • 4340 extended length axle shafts
  • Heim outer tie rods
  • Hardware


  • FOX coilovers
  • Camburg FOX 2.5 bump stop kit
  • FOX 3.5 bypass shocks
  • Camburg weld-on bypass mounts
Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size Install Labor Alignment Specs
14-15 in 1.5"+ per side 17-20 in 5.00 in 35-37 in $2,200 - $3,500 + $160 align
  • Must run fiberglass front fenders
  • Stock wheels and tires will not work with this kit, must use wheels with 4.75-5.00″ backspacing
  • This will not work on a F-150 as a conversion
  • 19-20 models with DSC coilovers (non Live Valve) require Damper Interface Module.
  • Eliminates factory front sway-bar

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