Camburg Ford Bronco 21-24 Trail Series Long Travel Kit





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Our new Camburg Trail Series Long Travel kit bridges the gap between daily driver and race truck. We designed this kit with the ability to build up your truck in stages or all at once. With every new design project, we address what the truck needs, what features we want to incorporate and blend proven aspects from our current race series long travel kits and design elements from our newer Ford Raptor long travel kit. Whether you’re out exploring the trails in MOAB or wide open down in Baja Mexico, this is the kit that takes your Bronco to the next level.

Wanting to gain wheel travel, articulation and stability, we went 2” wider per side. With as big as these trucks already are we didn’t want to go too wide and limit your trail use. This kit is designed around using OEM or aftermarket fiberglass fenders so you’re able to run up to a 37″ tire without limiting wheel travel or turning radius.

The kit is designed to use readily available bolt-in OEM style coilovers from FOX, King, Bilstein & Icon. So, if you want to build your truck in stages or have already lifted your truck with coilovers, you can use them with this kit. We recommend extended travel version coilovers for maximum useable wheel travel.

Combine this with our optional Slapper Bump Stop Kit for the ultimate in bottoming resistance for those serious hits and g-out situations that sneak up on you. We’ll also have available our optional heim outer tie rod upgrade to strengthen the steering components.

  • Increased trackwidth 2″ per side (4″ wider total)
  • Designed to use most OEM style aftermarket 2.5/3.0 coilovers
  • Boxed lower arms with 1″ uniball pivots at the frame and Camburg X-joint at the spindle/knuckle
  • Bolt-on aluminum lower control arm skid plates
  • Optional: Billet upper arm with 7/8 heims at the frame and a large 1.25 uniball at the spindle/knuckle
  • Optional: Billet heim outer steering upgrade
  • Optional: Slapper bump stop system
  • Heat-treated 4340 extended length front axle shafts


Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size Install Labor Alignment Specs
1-4 in (front) 12-13 in +2 in per side 17-20 in 35-37 in TBD
  • We recommend increasing the coil spring rate to 450-500 lbs.

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