Camburg Ford Bronco 21-23 Rear Tubular Lower Trailing Arm Kit

Code: CAM-120031
  • FK 1″ uniball bearing pivots
  • Thick-walled 4130 chromoly tubing
  • Maximum articulation & wheel travel


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We’ve got a ton of testing on the new Ford Bronco’s and one of the weak links we found is the OEM rear lower trailing arms. They’re prone to damage as well as limiting wheel travel and articulation. Our new tubular uniball series trailing arms take your rig to the next level. We use thick walled 4130 chromoly tubing for greater strength and impact resistance when hitting the trails. With FK 1″ uniball bearing pivots front and rear, these precision bearings allow for zero flex or binding with maximum articulation and wheel travel. We supply stronger Grade 9 bolts and hardware for the pivots as well.

Adding our trailing arm kit to your Bronco is an easy bolt-on project that will make a significant improvement for off-road use and includes all the necessary hardware.

  • FK 1″ uniball bearing pivots
  • Thick-walled 4130 chromoly tubing
  • Maximum articulation & wheel travel
  • Stronger Grade 9 hardware
  • Made in the USA
  • Does not fit the Bronco Raptor


  • Lower tubular uniball lower trailing arms (2)
  • Stainless uniball spacers (8)
  • Grade 9 Hardware
Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size Install Labor Alignment Specs
  • You will need to cut the stock front driver-side bolt or drop the gas tank to remove the bolt due to the OEM bolt length and orientation. We recommend cutting the bolt. We supply stronger Grade 9 bolts to replace the OEM bolts and change the orientation for easy installation and removal if need be.
  • Does not fit the Bronco Raptor

Lift amounts, tire and wheel sizing, suspension specifications, etc. are generalized as they can vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle with so many production variables between manufactures, products and vehicle options/packages from the factory. We’re supplying you the best information at our disposable along with the information supplied to us from the brands we sell. With so many variables of wheel size, offset/backspacing, tire size, brands and styles, the amount of lift and specific suspension components installed, etc., you may need to trim plastic/sheet metal and/or modify the body mount behind the front tires to eliminate tire rubbing.



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