Camburg Ford Raptor 10-14 Performance Dual Shock Lower Arm Kit

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This arm replaces the stock length lower and gives you the ability to run a secondary bypass shock for increased dampening and also add a hydraulic/air bump-stop. We developed in-house a FOX 3.0 bypass shock to be used with these lower arms that are valved specifically for the Raptor with a custom bypass tube layout and configuration. When designing this arm we set it up for maximum useable wheel travel along with the correct shock motion ratio geometry, we made no compromises.

CAD designed, this arm is considerably stronger than the cast aluminum stock arm, have internal gusseting and pivots on 1″ PTFE lined uniballs at the frame rather than the cheap rubber bushings that constantly bind and flex under braking. We use a 1.50″ PTFE lined uniball at the spindle for maximum strength and articulation rather than the factory ball-joint. No modification to the spindle is necessary as we use machined heat-treated stainless steel mis-alignment spacers that adapt the uniball to the tapered ball-joint spindle hole.

To attach the spindle the 1.50″ uniball we use a Mil-Spec 21250 NAS 12 point aircraft bolt. These bolts are rated 180,000 psi minimum tensile strength and 108,000 psi minimum shear strength. A stronger or higher quality bolt does not exist, hence why the Military, NASA and Aircraft companies use these. They have a specific shoulder/grip length and the head design yields higher tensile and shear strengths compared to any Grade 8, 9 or 12.9 bolt out there. They are made to the highest quality control standards out there.

The arms also have an integrated low profile jack point underneath for secure lifting especially on off camber off-road terrain.

For some wheel and tire combinations a steering stop is needed only with our dual shock lower arm. Crashing the spindle into the lower arm and locking up the lower ball-joint/uniball isn’t the correct way to limit the steering like others do. We are limiting the steering at the rack by installing a press-on machined delrin spacer behind the inner tie rod joint or heim clevis. With the small spacer installed turning radius goes unnoticed as it’s only a very slight change.

The arms are CAD designed, laser cut, CNC formed, MIG welded, powdercoated Camburg gray and are ready to install with all the necessary hardware and spacers you need included. Combine this with our 1.50″ uniball upper arms and FOX 3.0 coilovers and bypass shocks for the ultimate Raptor suspension.


  • Dual Shock Lower Arms
  • Heat-treated Stainless Steel uniball Spacers
  • MS21250 mil-spec Aircraft 12 Point Bolts
  • Delrin Steering Stop Spacers
Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size Install Labor Alignment Specs
None Stock 17-20 in 5.50 in 35-37 in $650 + $100 Align

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