Camburg Ford Raptor 17-20 Long Travel Rear Bedcage

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  • Bolt-on design
  • Designed for 3.5-4.4 x 16″ bypass shocks
  • Maximizes useable bed space


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Our bolt-on bedcage for the 2017-2020 Raptor is an easy way to install bypass shocks on a long-travel leaf spring setup for maximum wheel travel and control. It’s also the most complete, strongest and thought out bedcage out on the market.

We CAD designed the bedcage to bolt together to ease assembly and make it easier to ship. Our design also yields maximum useable bed space by having the bedcage structure outside the frame rails. That’s a huge benefit for prerunners and Overland/Trail setups needing room for tool bins, jack, spare tires, etc. We’re able to do this by including new frame mounts for the front and the rear mounts of the bedcage tie into our 2.5 bump stop kit. Doing all this also adds a ton of strength to the rear frame. We have the tubing and plate work laser cut and CNC bent for the utmost precision. They are MIG welded in-house, sandblasted then powdercoated in our matte gray Raptor finish. Also included are longer stainless/kevlar rear brake lines which also improve braking and pedal feel.

We supply stronger & more expensive NAS & AN aircraft bolts that have specific grip/shoulder lengths for the majority of the mounting locations and shock mounts.

We designed the bedcage around using a FOX 3.5 to 4.4 x 16″ or King 3.5 to 4.5 x 16″ travel bypass shocks in conjunction with our Camburg 2.5 bump stop kit kit for the proper motion ratios and fitment. You will need a specific bypass tube layout for proper clearances. This yields up to 18″ of wheel travel. When using other brand shocks, the compressed length can not be longer than 27.88″. The FOX/King shocks we offer are custom and have been tuned specifically for our long-travel suspension setup. We also have the FOX’s cerakoted gray which is a high performance ceramic coating used in FOX’s trophy truck race shocks to match the front coilovers.

We recommend Deaver leaf springs and our extended length shackles with this for maximum wheel travel. Deaver has many leaf spring setups to match your use and needed load capacity.

We highly recommend a qualified off-road shop installing these race parts. You will need to cut holes in the bed for the bedcage and shocks to pass through. Even though we designed this to be bolt-on, you can also weld some of the components for added attachment & strength.


Bedcage Kit (CAM-120029):

  • Driver-side upper shock mount w/ frame mount
  • Passenger-side upper shock mount w/ frame mount
  • Upper x-member
  • Strut braces (2)
  • Lower shock mounts
  • Extended length rear brake lines (CAM-130027)
  • NAS/AN aircraft and Grade 8 mounting hardware


  • FOX 3.5 bypass shock kit (CAM-120030-1)
  • FOX 4.0 bypass shock kit (CAM-120030-2)
  • FOX 4.4 bypass shock kit (CAM-120030-3)
  • King 3.5 bypass shock kit (CAM-120030-4)
  • King 4.0 bypass shock kit (CAM-120030-5)
  • King 4.5 bypass shock kit (CAM-120030-6)
  • Camburg Rear 2.5 Bump Stop Mount Kit (CAM-120025)
  • FOX 2.5 x 2.45″ Bump Stops (980-02-801)
  • Must be used in conjunction with our 2.5 rear bump stop kit as it’s an integral mounting point location.
  • Shocks need to have 1/2″ x 1.50″ width bearing spacers top & bottom.
  • Shocks can not be longer than 27.88″ when fully compressed.

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