Camburg Ford Ranger XLT 98-12 Transmission X-Member

Camburg Ford Ranger XLT 2wd 98-12 Transmission X-Member



The stock transmission x-member will not hold up to off-road conditions and is prone to cracking. This is why we came out with our transmission x-member. This is 100% bolt on and comes powder coated. We also incorporated a strut support system to help stiffen the chassis in the transmission area and reduce frame flex and twisting. You will need to drill two 1/2″ holes in the frame and we supply you the Grade 8 hardware.

We offer these in 2 versions to match the bolt pattern on the frame. The ’98-99 version has 4 bolts on each side and the ’00-12 has 3 bolts on each side. Both use the OEM hardware at the stock frame and transmission mounts.

This only fits coil sprung 2wd Rangers, not torsion bar front ends.


  • Transmission X-member
  • Hardware Kit
Lift Wheel Travel Track Width Wheel Size Max Backspacing Tire Size Install Labor Alignment Specs

Camburg Ford Ranger XLT 2wd 98-12 Bilstein Performance 5.5 Kit

  • 5.5" of lift
  • 10" of wheel travel
  • 1.5" wider per side
  • Made in the USA


Camburg Ford Ranger 2wd/4wd 98-12 Heim Steering Kit

  • Replaces the weak inner ball-joint and tie-rod
  • Machined from 17-4 H1150 stainless steel
  • FK 3/4" JMX Heims
  • Made...



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