Camburg 4.00 MIG Race Series 9″ Rear Axle Housing

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Why go with a Camburg 4.00 housing you ask? Well the product speaks for itself with the attention to detail and the quality it is being built to. The main reason we ever started building axle housings was because what was available was not up to our standards. Matching up our Camburg floater hubs with an inferior product didn’t and still doesn’t make for a great marriage. Our 4″ housing is for the serious racer and gives you the ability to run either a Ford 9″ or 10″ 3rd member and bigger TT axles and floater hubs. We have many combinations available to meet your needs and budget.

Taking our CAD designed and laser cut housing into production starts with building the center section first. The face plate is 3/8″ thick and MIG welded to 3/16″ sections that also have internal gussets for added strength. We then add on a bash plate to the lower portion for rock protection. Once it’s fully welded, we then fixture it in our CNC mill and machine the faceplate for a precision flat sealing surface and also machine and tap the holes for the ARP 3rd member studs. Other companies laser cut these holes and with the amount of welding taking place it distorts the bolt pattern so 3rd members do not fit correctly and have to be beat on with a mallet or drilled out. This is not the case with our housing since we machine them to 0.001″ tolerances after initial welding. We then use 4.00″ OD x thick .250w 4130 US chromoly tubing and weld them into the center section and add our rear radiused truss. Using this size tubing is extremely strong and also offers various full float hub combinations. All welding is done in specific fixtures to minimize distortion to insure that your housing is straight from start to finish. As an option we offer our upper 3 and 4 link mounts that use 1-1/4″ heims that are designed to distribute the loads for optimum strength. The 3-link mounts have a short upper truss incorporated into the mounts where as we offer a longer length upper truss for the 4-link mounts as an option. During the production process we can also heat-treat the axle tubes for even more strength and it increases the surface hardness to prevent rock gouging.

Standard our housings are built both housing and pinion centered, but every housing we build is custom to your specs with many options available, call for more info and details. If you’re looking for a complete rear end, check out our online builder for options and pricing.

We recommend our 4.00 housings for heavier weight vehicles, serious pre-runners and race trucks running 35-40″ tires with higher horsepower engines.

  • MIG welded construction
  • 4.00″ OD x .250w 4130 chromoly axle tubes
  • 3/8″ thick 4130 CNC machined seal surface faceplate
  • 3/16″ 4130 center section internally gusseted
  • ARP 3/8″ studs and hardware
  • Rear 4130 radiused truss
  • 4130 1/8″ lower bash plate
  • Large filler w/ KINETIK aluminum o-ring cap
  • -10 AN male vent fitting
  • 3/4″ NPT drain plug


  • Fabricated Housing
  • 3rd member studs and hardware
  • Filler
  • Drain
  • Vent
  • The 4-link setup uses 5/8″ bolts at the upper mounts and 3/4″ bolts at the lower mounts. Both have a 2.66″ spread for our standard high mis-alignment spacers (5/8 = CAM-040119 | 3/4″ = CAM-040030).
  • The 3-link setup uses 3/4″ bolts at the upper and lower mounts. Both have a 2.66″ spread for our standard high mis-alignment spacers (3/4″ = CAM-040030).

Click Here for High Mis-alignment Spacers


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