Desolate Motorsports 5/8″-18 Street Wheel Lug Nuts (60 deg taper)

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Desolate Motorsports machines these 5/8″-18 RH lug nuts to fit street wheels that have a 60 degree tapered seat when running aftermarket hubs with 5/8″ wheel studs. We only recommend using these with our 2.0 or 2.25 front and rear hubs. We do not recommend these to be used with our 2.50 front and rear hubs due to having shouldered wheel studs.

By design with the extended 1″ hex portion, they fit street wheels that aren’t machined for race hubs. These are gold zinc plated for corrosion resistance and are sold individually or in sets of 10 or 12.

These do not work with race 90 degree tapers or flat seats.

Depending on the wheel, you may need to ream the hole larger for the 5/8″ stud and re-chamfer the 60 degree seat for the proper lug nut engagement. This process can be done with a hand drill and the tire doesn’t have to be removed. It is critical you do this correctly or you can damage the wheel. A 43/64″ ream is recommend to use for the ID.

Disclaimer: We recommend running race wheels with race hubs that utilize larger wheels studs due to the fact that they have more material in the lug nut area making them much stronger for off-road use. Some wheel designs are not compatible with larger studs and studs with a shoulder to them. It’s your responsibility to insure these work correctly in a safe manner.


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