Camburg 3.25 Race Series Rear Hub Kit

Code: CAM-020013
  •  3.25″ ID Timken wheel bearings
  • Billet 7075 aluminum hubs
  • 6 on 6.5″ TT bolt pattern
  • 36 TT or 40 spline drive plates
  • 5/8″ race wheel studs
  • Made in-house in the USA


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Our race winning Camburg 3.25 rear hubs are the ultimate rear hub setup for race trucks and serious prerunners. These are what we use on all our KINETIK 7200/6100/TT’s. They are only available in the larger 6 on 6.5″ racing bolt pattern with 36 TT spline or 40 spline drive plates.

Our 3.25 lightweight rear hub design has a wide bearing spread for increased strength and longevity. We also use larger 8″ round material for the hub body for increased strength around the wheel stud area. We CNC machine the hubs in-house from more expensive and stronger 7075-T6 aluminum, then type II anodize them matte black. Our wheel studs are also machined in-house from 4340 chromoly, then heated-treated, stress relieved and black-oxide coated. They have 5/8-18 threads with an 11/16 shoulder for optimum strength. The tapered hub-centric center caps help get the wheels on when you’re out on the race course where time is critical. We supply them with high quality Timken bearings and races along with National seals that utilize our bolt-on stainless retainers for added protection and retention. Our drive plates are machined from 4340 chromoly, broached, heat-treated, stress relieved and nickel plated gray for corrosion resistance. Our red brake rotor adapters round out the package with all the necessary hardware, o-rings, etc and bearing preload spacers. Simple things like drilled head bolts to safety wire the brake rotor adapters on, show the attention to detail with our hub kits that you don’t get from other companies. We cut no corners or costs using the best materials, designs and processes.

To complete this setup you’ll need our weld-in spindle snouts and our custom spindle nut wrench.

  • Wheels must have 4.25″ center-bore and machined for 5/8″ wheel studs


  • 3.25 Rear Hubs
  • 4340 Drive Plates
  • Center Caps
  • National Seals w/ stainless retainers
  • Timken Bearings
  • Bearing Preload Spacers (need final machining during assembly)
  • Brake Rotor Adaptors (standard 12 on 9.19″ or optional 12 on 8.75″ bolt patterns)
  • 5/8-18 Shouldered Race Wheel Studs
  • Hardware, O-rings, Etc.
  • Wheels must have 4.25″ center-bore and machined for 5/8″ wheel studs

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