Camburg Ford Ranger 2wd/4wd 89-97 Front Brake Line Kit

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Made in the USA


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These are the same brake lines we use in our performance and long-travel kits. They are extended in length, teflon-lined, stainless steel braided and kevlar reinforced with an additional protective covering. These are Made in the USA and not some cheap imports you find on ebay/Amazon. Our brake lines are made up of 5 layers for optimum strength and every single one is pressure tested. We know our brake lines are used in extreme conditions and are getting hit, pulled on, etc. off-road so we cut no corners. They come with everything you need to mount to the the factory calipers.

ome ’96-97 Rangers require the older ’89-96 versions if they do not have 4 wheel ABS. You can tell if the truck doesn’t have 4 wheel ABS if the driver side brake line at the frame has a bulkhead with two hard lines coming into it. If there is no bulkhead and just a single line, then the truck has 4 wheel ABS. These are 29″ in length. These are pressure tested to 4,500 psi and meet Federal D.O.T. MVSS-106 standards.

  • ’89-96 dual port driver side line
  • 96-97 single port driver side line (4 wheel ABS)


  • Driver and passenger side front brake lines