Camburg Ford Ranger 2wd/4wd 89-97 Front Brake Line Kit

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These are the same brake lines we use in our performance and long-travel kits. They are extended in length, stainless steel braided and kevlar reinforced with an extra plastic layer for added protection. They come with everything you need and mount to the the factory calipers only. Some ’96-97 Rangers require the older ’89-96 versions if they do not have 4 wheel ABS. You can tell if the truck doesn’t have 4 wheel ABS if the driver side brake line at the frame has a bulkhead with two hard lines coming into it. If there is no bulkhead and just a single line, then the truck has 4 wheel ABS. These are 29″ in length.

  • ’89-96 dual port driver side line
  • 96-97 single port driver side line (4 wheel ABS)


  • Driver and passenger side front brake lines