Baja Designs LED Dome Light w/ Switch

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The LED Dome Light illuminates even the smallest of spaces and is the perfect solution for those dark spaces. These LED lights incorporate a waterproof design that can be mounted virtually anywhere. All that you need is 12-volt power. The lights even have a 180-degree optic, which will illuminate your cab, engine bay, wheel wells, or anywhere else you need bright and smooth light.

As the Scientists of Lighting, Baja Designs understands the needs of motor enthusiasts. As drivers work on their cars and off-road vehicles, they constantly struggle shining light into the smaller spaces throughout the car. Solve the problem with the LED Dome Light with Switch. This 2.7 x 1.2″ x .45″ light weighs 1.8oz. and mounts nearly everywhere you need it. The light also emits 400 Lumen and 4/.40 Watts of LED lighting that will provide you with plenty of light to get the job done.

The switch on the application also makes it easy to turn the light on and off as needed. When you purchase an automotive LED Dome Light from Baja Designs, you will also receive a rubber tube mount that allows you to zip tie the unit to any standard sized frame or cage tube.

Caution: Dome Light w/ Switch can get very hot when used for long periods of time. Please use caution when handling or installing.



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