Camburg Kids Win and Clinch Championship

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The Camburg Kids not only won the M.O.R.E. Transaxle Challenge race out in Barstow, CA. but more importantly they took the Class 1400 Championship for the year. Check out the video recap below along with our full race report and photo gallery.

Coming into the last race of the season, the Camburg Kids had some added pressure on their shoulders being in the points lead in the M.O.R.E “Mojave Offroad Racing Enthusiasts” 1400 class. They knew they had to finish well to wrap up the Championship.

For this event, they mixed it up a little by adding qualifying in the early morning and also splitting up the race into two races on different courses all on the same day. This would make for some exciting fast paced racing and logistics.


The team headed out Friday to setup main pit and to pre-run in their Camburg Ford Ranger race truck and in their new Polaris RZR Pro R to get “eyes on” the race course and make any adjustments. This is when the stress level went from 10 to 100. While pre-running they lost fuel pressure and the truck came to a standstill. Unable to get it running they towed it back to main pit and started trouble shooting. The culprit was a failed fuel pump and not having a spare, made it an urgency to find a replacement. The Camburg team was able to find an upgraded Aeromotive A1000 half way between their shop and Barstow so they decided to trailer the race truck back to the shop and fix it there Friday night just in case it needed more attention. With a championship on the line they could not risk any other problems or holdups. They changed the fuel pump and filters, did a system check and she was good to go. They loaded back up and headed out to Barstow … for the 2nd time.

Qualifying Saturday at 6am came quick for the Camburg team. Cody Campbell and Zach Zaiden staged the truck with Cody behind the wheel. They made quick work of the 3-mile course and qualified 2nd for the race just 5 seconds out of 1st place.


The team did a quick look over of the truck and they were ready for race #1. Cody and Zach got back in the truck and they were off. Cody set a commanding pace and put down the fastest 1st lap and was already leading by position and time. His 2nd lap (which was also the fastest) was similar to his first and added to their lead in the class. By this point he wanted to stay up front but not risk it all. A Championship is far more important than a race win at the end of the day and they still had another race after this to deal with. He turned it down on the 3rd lap and ran a comfortable race.

They pulled into main pit where Cody and Zach played musical chairs and Zach would get into the driver’s seat and finish the last two laps. They were back under way and made the run to the finish. Zach put down the fastest lap 4 and lap 5 times and they crossed the finish line in 1st place with an 8+ minute lead over 2nd place. They were that much closer to their goals but also knew the day was only halfway over.


With a quick once over, they got the truck ready for race #2. Younger brother Corey Campbell would be driving with Kyle co-driving with him. They got the green flag and they were off. Corey hammered down and was in 2nd place after the first lap. He was running a comfortable pace; the truck was happy and they were in a position to win the championship. He kept his cool with his eye on the prize and kept motoring. He was a machine and put down 7 flawless laps all around similar lap times and they crossed the finish line in 2nd place. They took the overall win for the weekend and more importantly earned the 2022 Class 1400 Championship.


“We came up with a game plan and the kids put in the effort all year and came home with multiple wins and a Championship. It’s awesome to see our kids take the reins and achieve their goals.”
 – Jerry Zaiden

“It’s a proud dad moment to see the kids work hard, put in the time and end up on top with their heads held high with what they’ve achieved this year. Very proud of them all and we had a blast doing it as a team.”
– Jason Campbell

Camburg would like to thank all their sponsors, team members and fellow racers for the opportunity to be racing with them and being a part of the next generation of young racers.

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The Camburg Kids 2001 Ford Ranger Edge showcases Camburg’s suspension and racing parts along with their sponsors. For the front suspension the truck is outfitted with Camburg’s race series long-travel kit that utilizes their 2.50 front race hubs, FK heims and uniballs and a HOWE steering box with FOX’s 2.5 coilovers, 3.0 bypass shocks and 2.5 bump stops. The rear suspension is made up of Camburg’s 4-link kit connected to their 4.00 rear axle housing running their 3.25 race hubs. With FOX’s 2.5 coilovers, 3.5 bypass shocks and 2.5 bump stops there is plenty of control in the rear. The chassis and suspension are coated with STEEL-IT for optimum corrosion resistance and protection. Powering the truck is a K&N filtered 600hp Moruzzi built LS engine with a Magnaflow exhaust mated to a Culhane built Turbo 400 transmission that is fed by a custom Pyrotect fuel cell. A Optima Yellow Top Battery powers the electronics and OnX Offroad provides their GPS navigation. The Ranger sits on 37” General Tire Grabber X3 tires and 17” KMC Wheels forged Mesa beadlock wheels. In the cockpit the kids are strapped into Sparco EVO seats with their Sparco steering wheel and Rugged Radios communication in arms reach along with an assortment of Scosche powersports mounts and accessories. When day turns to night, they rely on their Baja Designs LED series of lights.