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  • Wilwood BP20 Brake Pads

    Quick Overview

    These are the pads we use in Wilwood’s Forged Superlite calipers in our race L/T kits and rear ends.

    • Medium friction, highest effective temperarture range in medium temperature pad group.
    • Smooth engagement, torque curve increases in relation to temperature
    • Moderate wear rate at high temperature
    • Street Use OK
    • Beds quickly and provides fast response without high rotor abrasion.
    These are the pads we use ...

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    Wilwood Forged Superlite 4 Piston Calipers

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    The Superlite caliper series is the benchmark in short track, late model, modified and open wheel competition. It also enjoys prominence in a variety of road-race, off-road, rally and sport driving applications. The new FSLI model series is the latest innovation to this Superlite family of calipers. It has been redesigned with internal fluid ports that eliminate the external fluid cross-over tubes, along with any potential problems that could arise from a damaged tube. The transfer tube has been replaced with two additional bleed screw assemblies which allows this group of symmetrical piston bore models to be mounted either right or left in a leading or trailing position. Select the size caliper that matches your rotor thickness (0.81″ or 1.25″) and piston size (1.38″ or 1.75″) that works best with your master cylinder and brake pedal setup.

    The Superlite caliper series is the ...

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    Brake Rotors

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    We offer a selection of brake rotors from both Wilwood and Coleman that we use with our hub kits and on our KINETIK race trucks. Select the available sizes above for pricing.

    See below for specs …

    We offer a selection of brake ...

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