About Us


Jerry Zaiden and Jason Campbell started Camburg Engineering in 1997 after years of experience in the offroad racing and manufacturing industries. Their initial goal was to offer products & services that were only available to elite offroad racing teams. With Jason’s engineering background and Jerry focusing on sales and marketing, they set forth to design and manufacture suspension components in a production manner enabling them to open up a new market and customer base. Today, Camburg Engineering is the leader in off-road suspension systems and is at the forefront in technology and design . Their over the counter parts are being race tested constantly and have won numerous championships. Not many other companies design, build and race on their own components. This sets Camburg apart from the rest as they establish the trend and do not follow it.


With over 10,000 sq. ft., Camburg Engineering is one of few companies in the offroad field that have the manufacturing capabilities to produce their suspension components in-house along with their new KINETIK race trucks. Using the latest manufacturing technologies in CAD design, CNC machining, MIG and TIG welding, CNC laser cutting, tube notching and bending, Camburg yields products that are built to the highest standards while keeping production costs lower without sacrificing quality or strength. Camburg constantly brings new manufacturing and product concepts into market that other companies are now just beginning to utilize in their own product lines.


Working with top companies in their industries, Camburg receives tremendous amounts of exposure from national magazine print ads, TV commercials, tradeshows, catalogs, product marketing and is heavily involved with the editorial staff of magazines in regards to press releases, product testing and vehicle features. This exposure spans across different companies, markets and countries. Camburg Engineering is a brand that is recognized throughout the industry as the leader in offroad suspension systems with a race team that has a core presence like no other. The reciprocal of that is consumers see Camburg working with the leading companies in their own fields. Camburg Racing has a unique identity that the hard-core race enthusiast and new truck owners are drawn to. The spectrum of consumer types is vast but united.


Not only is racing a tool to gain exposure but it is also a bench mark to test products against. Camburg Engineering not only produces suspension components, but also races on them. They also use the opportunity to test the products they are involved with and believe in. No computer program can simulate the wear and tear and abuse offroad use offers. Years ago Jerry and Jason raced a 1600 buggy in the local So. Cal. deserts. They then transitioned into an i-beam Ford Ranger they built to develop new products on and use as a test vehicle to gain more experience. From that point they focused on building an unlimited a-arm Ford Ranger Edge to race in the premier race organizations. They raced the SCORE Baja 1000 and 500 in the truck even entering the truck in the Trophy Truck class. For 2007 Best in the Desert revamped the rules for Class 7200 Mini Trophy Truck to make it more competitive and to draw in bigger numbers of racers. Camburg raced the entire season with their goal to finish well and be consistent. With that in action they finished 2nd overall for the year only 5 points out of the 1st place championship. Jerry also finished 3rd in Rookie of the Year points. With Toyota debuting the new Tundra, Camburg was honored to race the new truck in Stock Full at the 40th SCORE Baja 1000 in 2007 spanning over 1300 miles. In 2008-2009, Camburg raced the Tundra in Best in the Desert’s race series in Stock Full and Class 8. They also raced the SNORE Mint 400. All race efforts are now on the new Kinetik TT.