Month: November 2020


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Next stop … Northern California! It was time for another Camburg Overland trip and with the summer heat subsiding, it was even more reason to hit the trails and sleep under the stars.

Thursday: The first leg of this trip took the group 610+ miles north of Huntington Beach, CA following the coastline. They setup camp for the night right on the beach in the southernmost area of Sinkyone Wilderness State Park along the Mendocino North Coast. They had the place to themselves and it was time to fire up the camp stove and relax with some beers after a long day. 

Friday: With the OnX Offroad GPS app loaded up with all the local roads and trails, they headed east 280+ miles to Deer Lake in the Tahoe National Forest. This area is towards the eastern border of California, west of Reno, Nevada. With the amount of driving they were doing on forest service roads and trails, the Baja Designs lights and Full Throttle batteries were put to the test on the trails and in camp and made for some awesome night time pics & video. Jerry was really impressed with the performance of LP6 and S1 lights on the Camburg Sig Sauer Jeeps Only Gladiator. The LP6 driving combo beam pattern really helped around off camber corners while throwing a ton of light down trail to see what was up next.

Saturday: The next morning, it was time to start heading back south down the 395. The Method Race Wheels and General Tire X3’s tires make a great combo for these types of trips as they were seeing all different types of terrain. Beach sand, forest loam and desert gravel were just some of terrain they were exploring and Method’s bead grip technology made sure they were getting traction when aired down. The Camburg crew pulled off the 395, headed into the rocky hills and setup camp for the last night. Some of the best memories you have are at the campfire chatting it up and listening to your favorite jams on Scosche’s Boom Bottle.

Sunday: All great things come to an end and the guys woke up, cooked breakfast and headed home. All in all, they covered over 1,500 miles both on and off-road all while having a blast with friends and having a bit of an escape from the day to day reality.

“We’re thankful for all our sponsors and partners. It gives us the ability to put on these types of trips and really puts our products and theirs to the test. With all the photos and video, we get to bring you along for the ride as well.” – Jerry Zaiden

Camburg’s next adventure is heading down to Baja, Mexico for a few days off off-roading, taco’s, camping and to watch the SCORE Baja 1000 race.


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