Camburg 2.0" Air Bump Can

Camburg 2.0″ Air Bump Can

Sku: CAM-040027



We’ve been building these bump stop cans for over 20 years. They are often copied and knocked off. We have these CNC laser cut from USA DOM tubing and then weld the pinch bungs on that use the F911 grade 9 hardware. They have a 2″ ID and are designed for FOX, Bilstein or Sway-Away 2.0 bump stops. These require you to weld them onto the chassis/frame with additional gusseting. With some ingenuity you can build these to bolt on and off like we do with our rear Toyota model specific bump stop mounts.

These are sold individually and do not include the bump stop.

  • Bump stop can (individual sold)
  • F911 hardware
  • Fits these P/N FOX bump stops: 980-02-311, 980-02-323, 980-02-022 & 980-02-091


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