Switch-Pros SP-8100 Switch Panel Kit (Concealed)

Sku: SP-8100-2

Quick Overview

We now have available Switch-Pros new 8 switch power distribution system. This simplifies the wiring process and uses the latest technology eliminating fuses, relays and circuit breakers with their 100A solid state computer. On the remote switch panel, each switch is fully programmable and with Bluetooth technology can be controlled and programmed remotely with your phone or ipad.  We used this same module on our Camburg Trail Edition Tundra to control the KC HiLites and ARB cooler.

  • Eight user-programmable switches
  • User-selectable switch legends
  • Illuminated switches with user-adjustable brightness
  • Programming and control via panel or smart phone
  • Bluetooth interface
  • 100A solid state power module, engine compartment rated
  • Automatic shutdown for overcurrent and low voltage
    Programming options are: On/Off or Momentary, Ign. or Batt., Flash and Strobe functions, Low Voltage Disconnect, and Switch Memory
  • Plug and play installation

Switch Panel Specs:

  • 4


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